Domex, having been sold door to door in the UK in the 1920s is available in 35 countries worldwide. The brand just entered to the Sri Lankan market in February 2012 to become the number 1 germ killing toilet cleaner brand.

Toilet hygiene is essential to every household and is a key factor in ensuring health and well-being of the family. There could be as many as 189 different varieties of germs in a toilet which is visibly clean and odourless. Another noteworthy fact is germs that cause diarrhoea, typhoid fever, intestinal infections & gastric ulcers etc are found in toilets and cannot be eliminated entirely by ordinary toilet cleaners.

51% of bacteria in a house originate from the toilets. This is a big health problem for the family, since these microorganisms cause diseases like cholera, diarrhea and typhoid. All toilet cleaners having acid-based formulation only try to serve the single job of providing a spotless clean toilet. Going beyond expectations of just visible cleanliness, Domex focuses on tackling the real problem of toilet germs.

Domex is a thick bleach toilet cleaner which cling to the toilet bowl surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean and safe from germs. The innovative packaging, the direct able nozzle, will deliver the powerful-formulated liquid in hard-to-reach places to destroy dirt and germs.