English Mustard

Original English mustard makes any meal instantly delicious – this is a classic. Put a fiery helping on your roast, stir generously into your gravy or lash onto your sandwich. Available in 100g or 170g.

English Mustard Tube

A handy 50g tube can slip into a picnic bag or even your pocket! Great on sandwiches, spices up gravy or the perfect accompaniment to any meal.

English Squeezable Mustard

Mustard, in a handy squeezable 150g jar. Squeeze fiery helpings on your sarnies, all over your barbecue bangers or stir into a mountain of mash.

Hot Dog Mustard

Bring your burgers to life with Colman’s Hot Dog Mustard. This great tasting American-style mustard is mild yet zingy, making it the perfect addition to BBQ season. It comes in a handy squeezable bottle – so slather it on sausages, sandwiches and, of course, inside your hot dog

Mild Mustard

Find our traditional English Mustard a little too hot? Try our new Mild Mustard, it’s perfect for all the family. Spread with gusto to make your roast beef sandwich irresistible!

Mustard Powder

Double superfine mustard powder great for spicing up salads, vinaigrette dressings and mayonnaise, as well as adds a kick to many sweet and savoury dishes. Available in 57g, 113g or 454g.

Wholegrain Mustard

Go to town with the Colman’s Wholegrain and perk up your mealtime favourites. Available in 150ml.